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“The Loud Cry: Discipleship, Mission and the Last Generation”

Dr  Cedric Vine presented a mini-series on the Gospel of Mark in Crieff back in October 2010, and we are delighted that he agreed to be our speaker once again in the autumn of 2019. His mini-series was based on the Gospel of Matthew.

Dr Vine is Associate Professor of New Testament at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. He completed a BSc (Hons) in Managerial and Administrative Studies at Aston University in 1994. In 1999 he completed an Andrews’ MA in Theology at Newbold College and in 2012 successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Sheffield on the Gospel of Matthew. Before going to Andrews University, Cedric taught in the Department of Theological Studies at Newbold College (2008-2015). He also served as a pastor in the north of England for nine years after being ordained as a gospel minister in 2006. He is an excellent, thought-provoking speaker, and this study weekend will be of great interest to all those church members and their friends who take Bible study seriously.

The program ran over the weekend of October 4th to 6th.

Friday Oct 4th

  • 19:00-20:30 “The Loud Cry: The Necessity of Different Christian Identities in the End Times”

Saturday Oct 5th

  • 10:00-11:00 “The Prophet: Caring for the City more than the Church”
  • 11:20-12:30 “The Disciple: How to Move Beyond Nominal Christianity”
  • 13:00-14:00 Fellowship Lunch (please bring a contribution)
  • 14:30-15:45 “The Righteous Person: Being a Legalist to Save Others”
  • 19:00-20:30 Informal Discussion and Q&A session

Sunday Oct 6th

  • 10:00-10:50 “The Wise Man: Why Knowledge of Biblical Truth is Not Enough”
  • 11:00-11:50 “The Scribe: Distinguishing Between the Important and the More Important”

Recordings from the 2018 Spiritual Awareness Week, where Weiers Coetser led us in a Week Of Prayer, 3-10 Nov 2018.

Follow the links to the audio recordings.

  1. Ways In Which The Bible Can Get Us Into Trouble” (Sabbath Service)
    • Tracing highlights of a journey in which the Bible becomes central to our faith.
  2. Are Things That Are Strong Really Strong?” (Sunday)
    • There are many contemporary challenges to the authority of Scripture? How do we evaluate them? How fragile is the authority of Scripture?
  3. The Eyes Of Faith” (Monday)
    • Reformers developed the idea of the perspicuity of Scripture.  This is a big word that says that anybody should be able to understand the message of the Bible. What skills do we need to practice in reading the Bible for it to be a book that keeps on giving?
  4. When Life Gets Complicated…” (Tuesday)
    • How does the Bible help me with living my day-to-day life?  The Bible is not only about information. It speaks to the conundrums that I face in my every day life.  But sometimes it is difficult to build a bridge between an ancient text and the challenges that twenty-first century life throw our way. What Bible reading practices help make the Bible more relevant to our personal worlds?
  5. The Outstretched Arms of Jesus” (Wednesday)
    • In the final analysis, the Bible is not just about facts and information.  Neither is the Bible simply a set of instructions about how to live life. So much of the Bible is about a person. What difference does Jesus at the centre of Scripture make to our lives?
  6. Resilience” (Thursday)
    • Further exploring earlier themes from the week, we look at the function of Scripture in an imperfect world. We live in a world where there is great suffering. We all experience suffering in our own lives.  How do we bounce back from such situations? An operative word to rebound during times of difficulty is “hope”. What is the basis for Hope in our world?
  7. Right or Wrong? The Bible’s Ethical Claims on my Life” (Friday)
    • Further exploring earlier themes from the week, we look at the function of Scripture in an imperfect world. We live in a world where there is great suffering. We all experience suffering in our own lives. How do we bounce back from such situations? An operative word to rebound during times of difficulty is “hope.” What is the basis for Hope in our world?
  8. An End-time Faith” (Sabbath Service)
    • We live in a post-Christian era. Many of the straight-forward answers from the past do not impress any more. What does it mean to live an end-time faith? A final word of encouragement that a life based on Bible principles is worth pursuing. It offers opportunities for tremendous personal growth, courage and adventure.

Worship Service led by Pastor Bob Rodd



Worship Service led by Pastor Bob Rodd

Worship Service led by Karen Holford



Worship Service led by Karen Holford


“Stewardship – it’s not all about money!”


Autumn Spiritual Emphasis Weekend with Pastor David Neal, Trans-European Stewardship Director. Nov 3-5.



  • 19:00-20:30
    • “What about a Manager? Matthew 5: You have heard that it was said…”
    • MP3 recording


  • 10:00-11:00
    • “What Time is it? Matthew 5: Straighten up!” 
    • MP3 recording
  • 11:20-12:30
    • “Where’s the Gospel in Malachi? Malachi 1-4: Return to me and I will return to you”
    • MP3 recording
  • 19:00-20:30


  • 10:00-11:30
    • “Who’s got the Truth?”  1 Thess. 5:12-24: Don’t quench the Spirit, don’t despise prophecies, test everything” 
    • MP3 recording


David Neal is Director of the Stewardship Ministries Department at the Trans-European Division of the Adventist Church.

He is based in St Albans, near London.

Recordings of the Laurence Turner study weekend are now available.

turner-laurenceThe first of the 2016 study weekends.

Our speaker is Dr Laurence Turner, retired Principal Lecturer in Old Testament at Newbold College.



Genesis 1-11 provides an introduction to the whole of Scripture.  It has always been considered foundational for everything that follows.  Unfortunately, in recent years it has also become controversial.  Most of these controversies rage over matters of science and history.  However, the primary purpose of these chapters in Genesis is spiritual.  So, we will spend time assessing the spiritual value of Genesis 1-11 by reading the text closely and asking what significance its words would have for its original readers.  The aim will be to show how unexpectedly radical the narratives actually are and their relevance for us in the 21st century.  Once we appreciate those matters we might have a different response to the usual scientific and historical questions.

Audio recordings

plus PowerPoint presentations.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome back our former pastor, Llew Edwards (and Karin!), to our church.  He will be leading out in a weekend of study and practical Christian advice.  All events are happening at the Church unless otherwise indicated.

  • 10am ‘Mind the Gap’ (MP3 recording – FYI the video referred to by Llew is a Skoda advert with the tag line “It’s a Skoda – Honest“).
  • 11:15am ‘The Call of Matthew’ – Matthew 9:9-13 (MP3 recording and PowerPoint slides)
  • 5pm until late, informal gathering with supper, discussion and a devotional


  • 8:30. A proper full-on Sunday breakfast!  Many many thanks to Gail and Grant and the kitchen helpers.
  • 10-11:30am. Workshop. With MP3 recording plus PowerPoint. More stories about Ritz Carlton and their ethos can be found on their website along with the ‘Gold Standards’. The videos featured by Llew were
  • Afternoon.  As Llew now lives in the grim South East of the UK we feel it’s only fair that we try to drag him up a local hill.  So there will be a hill walk for the adventurous.

On May 31st Dr Daniel Duda, the TED Education Director, gave a series of presentations at Crieff Church entitled ‘Ordination of Women ~ Keeping The Church United’.

You can listen to the presentations and discussions by following the links below:

TEDOrdinationBookThe TED book on ordination: “Ministry, Mission and Ordination” by Tom de Bruin is available from Stanborough Press (and should be available soon from Amazon on Kindle).  Tom’s book is an abbreviated and popularized version of the full TED Study Report.

An oversight on our part – we forgot to upload the PowerPoint slides from Dr Jean-Claude Verrecchia’s presentations at the 2015 Study Weekend…

They are now available from the Study Weekend page

A reminder that the MP3 recordings from the 2015 Study Weekend are now available.

verrecchia2The Crieff 2015 Study Weekend was presented by Dr Jean-Claude Verrecchia.

Dr Verrecchia is Principal Lecturer in New Testament at Newbold College where he specialises in the Gospels, Hebrews and Biblical Hermeneutics.

His subject was

“Reading and Interpreting Scripture”

and more specifically

“Adventists: Between a mere reading and the risk of interpretation”

The schedule ran as follows:

  • Friday
    • 6pm, soup and bread at the church
    • 7-8:30pm, ‘The Reliable Bible, but God is not the Author’.
      Manuscripts, variants, authorship, the ‘myth’ of the original text, translations.

  • Sabbath (Saturday)
    • 10am: ‘The End of the Gutenberg Galaxy’. The Bible as an oral piece of literature.
    • 11:15am: ‘Do You Understand What You Are Reading?’
    • 2:30pm: ‘Reading Behind the Text’. The author-centred approach of the Bible (with examples).
    • 6pm: General discussion!  Informal gathering at Steve and Muriel’s house
    • PowerPoint slides for various Sabbath presentations
  • Sunday


Reading List

Jean-Claude recommends the following titles:

Radio 4 Recording from Croydon SDA Church

As some of you will know the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Sunday Worship’ came from the Croydon SDA Church on 11th January.

You can listen to a recording of that programme here.

Jan BarnaOur annual study weekend for 2014 was taken by Dr Jan Barna.

Dr Barna comes to us from Newbold College where he is a Senior Lecturer in Systematic and Biblical Theology. His topic was:

“Is the Bible a Sure Word of God?  Origins, Canon and Biblical Narrative”.

The timetable for the weekend is given below, with links to audio recordings and copies of Jan’s slide presentations.

Jan Barna is a senior lecturer in systematic and biblical theology in the Department of Theological Studies at Newbold College in the United Kingdom. Jan comes originally from Slovak Republic (former Czechoslovakia) where he worked as a church pastor for several years.

He completed his undergraduate studies in theology in Prague, Czech Republic, received his Master’s degree from Andrews University in Christian leadership and completed a doctorate in 2009 under the supervision of the renowned NT scholar David Wenham at Trinity College Bristol, UK.

In 2013, Jan published his doctorate under the title Ordination of Women in Seventh-day Adventist Theology: A Study in Biblical Interpretations. His book offers the most comprehensive guide to the hotly debated subject available today, addressing not just the theological and biblical aspects, but also the central hermeneutical issues.

Jan is also an ordained minister and an active elder in his local church. He frequently participates as speaker at various events in Europe. Jan is married to Ivana, who works as a medical doctor.

This is Jan’s second visit to Crieff.  He presented our 2007 Study Weekend where his subject was “The History of Adventist Beliefs: A Continuous Search for Identity“.  We welcome him back!

MP3 recordings of Derek Morris

Recordings of Derek Morris’ presentations at the Scottish Mission Camp Meeting are now available.

(We apologise for the sound quality of some of the recordings!)

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