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Church Bulletin ~ 27 February 2016

Bulletin for 27 February 2016

Tuesday Inspiration

Weekly discussion, study and prayer meeting

Adventurer Club

Adventurer Club at 3.00 in the church hall

Worship service led by Keith Thompson

Worship service led by Pastor Doug Sinclair

Church Bulletin ~ 20 February 2016

Bulletin for 20 February 2016

We meet every Monday from 9am to 12noon.

Drop in or come and stay for the whole session.

  • Fun toys, crafts for adults and children.
  • Pram and wheelchair friendly.  Disabled toilets.
  • Qualified staff.
  • Teas, coffees, healthy snacks, much home baking (including wheat-free).
  • And off-street parking.


£2 per family per visit.

Adventurer Club

3:00 in the church hall

Worship service led by Pastor Ghioalda

Church Bulletin ~ 13 February 2016

Bulletin for 13 February 2016

turner-laurenceThe first of the 2016 study weekends.

Our speaker is Dr Laurence Turner, retired Principal Lecturer in Old Testament at Newbold College.



Genesis 1-11 provides an introduction to the whole of Scripture.  It has always been considered foundational for everything that follows.  Unfortunately, in recent years it has also become controversial.  Most of these controversies rage over matters of science and history.  However, the primary purpose of these chapters in Genesis is spiritual.  So, we will spend time assessing the spiritual value of Genesis 1-11 by reading the text closely and asking what significance its words would have for its original readers.  The aim will be to show how unexpectedly radical the narratives actually are and their relevance for us in the 21st century.  Once we appreciate those matters we might have a different response to the usual scientific and historical questions.

Audio recordings

plus PowerPoint presentations.

Friday Night Think

We are trying out a new idea on Friday evenings commencing 5th February. Come along to Steve and Muriel’s home for food and conversation.

The subject for our first gathering is “You are what you read, or you read what you are?”. What ideas of your own do you bring to your understanding of what the Bible says? Are you a “plain reader” or do you think “it’s all metaphor”? Or are you somewhere in the middle? How do you decide for yourself what the words mean?

Soup and bread will be served from 6pm with the discussion commencing at 7pm. All welcome including children.

Bulletin for 6th February 2016