Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS

Audio recordings (in MP3 format), presentations and handouts (in PDF format) from Cedric Vine’s weekend study conference, ‘Cedric Vine – Angles on Mark’,  held at Crieff Adventist Church on 15-17 October 2010.

If you find them interesting please let us know!

  1. “An Alternative Gospel ~ Mark and Imperial propaganda”, Friday night.
  2. “A Battle of Equals?  Jesus and agonistic Palestinian society”, Saturday morning.
  3. “A Wilderness Route ~ Jesus and the return of Yahweh”, Saturday morning.
  4. “On Cycles and Roads ~  Plot and arrangement in Mark”, Saturday evening.
  5. “That Clever Ending ~  Mark as an early understanding of the death of Jesus”, Saturday evening.
  6. “A Right Pair ~  Reading Mark with the help of Ezekiel”, Sunday morning.
  7. “The Future (and Further Developments). Mark 13 and the flow of NT apocalyptic revelation”, Sunday morning.