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We too, can make the list:

People go to extreme lengths to get their names on an esteemed list.  God also has a list!  In Hebrews ch.11, God names a sampling of the saints.  It would appear that the list is for the famous only except for one lone name.  No summary of his exploits is given, God merely lists his name but that is sufficient, he has made the list. His name was Jephthah (Hebrews 11:32)

Three points about this story deserve emphasis:

  1. Regardless of background disadvantages, we can by God’s grace attain to the list of the faithful.
  2. We may have wandered into the world for many years, still we can return and make the list.
  3. Although we are firmly established in the church, we may on the spur of the moment commit foolish errors, but if we repent in faith we can be retained on the list.

One day soon when God begins calling the only list that matters, if our faith has been true, He will call your name and mine!