Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS

Dear Friends,

As I visited the practice nurse today for a minor treatment for a blocked ear canal, the lights went out, a power cut stopped work. The nurse opened the blinds and we gazed out at the wind and rain twisting and lashing the trees and shrubs. The nurse said, ‘I love extreme weather, it’s fascinating. ‘ As I’m writing, I’m hearing stories from around Scotland of damage from falling trees and power cuts. Flights have been cancelled as the Grimsvotn volcano ash moves south. After our warm and pleasant April, it seems as though the weather has hit us with a fury, but this is very mild in comparison to the tornado in Missouri where more than 100 people were killed today.

We love talking about unusual weather and wonder if there is any larger meaning to these exceptional forces of nature that harass us. For me they are a timely reminder of the very limited power we have as human beings. In a month where we have celebrated the opening of the new Scottish Mission office, I’m also aware that it only takes a huff and a puff of wind or a fire, and our earthly work is destroyed.

Building a mission office was not an end in itself; it is simply a place that we can use to serve God while we are here. On Tuesday 17th, the pastors and sponsors met there to learn about and discuss our mission, the nurture and growth of our church in Scotland. Evangelism was the main subject, and I was encouraged as our leaders shared approaches and methods for wining the lost to Christ and his church family. God is blessing our church, but there is so much more that we need to do!

I’m a bit hard of hearing as my ear canal is still blocked, however, this won’t stop me listening to the good news of how God is holding back another sort of wind.  The winds of strife are being held so that we can reach all the Scots that God loves and is drawing to him. I pray that you will gaze on the Source of all power and hear the call to proclaim the Good News to your neighbours and friends! Maranatha, Christ is coming.

Pastor Bernie