Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS

Dear Friends,
What a change a bit of snow can bring! In the last few weeks we have experienced some of the worst traffic problems in living memory. My hope and prayer is that the cold weather has not caused more than inconvenience for any of our members and friends.
As I researched the effect of the very cold winter of 1947, I discovered that many communities were in fear of serious food shortages when the national transportation system seemed to come to a standstill. Some of us have started wondering what would happen if our favourite supermarkets continued to have empty bread racks for weeks rather than days at a time?
We thank God for our regular supply of food, and at this time of giving to good causes, think about those who are hungry and insecure about what will happen to their future. I hope we all do something practical to make a difference at this time.
In 2011 rather than emphasizing our need for tangible bread, we are joining the World Church in an emphasis on Revival and Reformation. It is my prayer that we will experience a new hunger for Jesus, the real Bread of Life, and that his empowering Spirit will be poured out in our lives.
May God bless you over this holiday time and may you experience His peace and joy in all you do.
With warmest greetings,
Pastor Bernie