Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS

Dear Friends,

I’ve just returned from the Trans-European Division’s Winter meetings.  The focus was the introduction of ‘Revival and Reformation’ as the World Church theme for the next five years.  The 120 or so delegate enjoyed some great preaching as well as inspiring reports of God’s work in all the different parts of our territory.  It was good to meet with Pastor Llew Edwards, our former president in Scotland, who sends his greetings.  I was particularly blessed as we spent time praying with and for each other.

There are two major causes for rejoicing this month.  The first is that Filip and Taylor Bajic have received their visas this month and have moved to the Irvine and East Kilbride district and started work.  They were formally introduced at the SM Day of Fellowship in Aberdeen in July, and we are so pleased that they have arrived at last!

The second is that the SM Executive has voted to accept a request from the Glasgow district that the Paisley and Faifley groups be recognised as official church companies.  After a lot of hard work and God’s blessing, we are looking forward to rejoicing with these congregations as they commit themselves to the privileges and challenges of recognised congregational life in the Scottish Mission.

With all the cash demands on us over the Christmas season, please don’t forget to make your reservation and deposit for the first ever Scottish Mission Camp meeting. Why not help to sponsor your non-Adventist friends too?

This edition of the SMNL features a mouth-watering devotional about chocolate by Pastor Jimmy Botha. Thanks to our local reporters we also have lots of reports from around the country.

Let us continue to rejoice together at what God is doing.

Pastor Bernie