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Did the people believe on Jesus because of his miracles? Is that still true today when he is not among us?


Study and Discussion Questions

  1. Matthew 4:23-25 suggests that one of the reasons for Jesus’ fame was his many miracles of healing. Was that a crucial factor? Was that part of the reason that so many turned away when they discovered that following Jesus entailed a significant personal commitment?
  2. Matthew 9:35-37 suggests that Jesus’ compassion was connected directly to his healing ministry. But over against that healing ministry was Jesus’ teaching and proclamation of the good news. How did these two branches of ministry mesh together in his overall ministry?
  3. In Matthew 11:2-5, John asks about Jesus’ ministry. Again, the emphasis is on healing, something which was not prominent in John’s forerunner ministry or in the “judgement” scene in Matthew 25. How do we relate Jesus’ miraculous ministry with our more ordinary callings?
  4. How would we relate the word “unselfish” to Jesus’ ministry? To what extent is it appropriate for the God of the universe to turn the other cheek and go the second mile? Shouldn’t the God who created everything also be attentive to the needs of his children?