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Does Jesus expect us to follow his example in every respect?


Study and Discussion Questions

  1. In 1 John 2:6, the apostle tells us that we must walk as Jesus’ did. Does that include every aspect of his life? Some communions distinguish between a religious calling and a lay calling, with much higher intensity demanded of the religious. Is such a distinction biblical?
  2. What aspects of Jesus’ way do you find most challenging? Most troubling? Most attractive? The questions that follow identify some of the more notable aspects of his life. In each instance, the question can be posed: Is this an example for us? For some of us? For all of us?
    1. The Intensity of his early years: Luke 2
    2. Intensity of spiritual preparation: Luke 4:1, Matthew 4:1: 40 days in the wilderness
    3. His prayer life: Luke 6:12: all night; Mark 1:35: a great while before day.
    4. Passion for mission: John 4, the Samaritan woman
  3. A special problem: Jesus’ neglect of John the Baptist: Matthew 11:2-3. Why did Jesus seem to neglect the needs of John the Baptist? In what possible ways could this example be instructive for us today?