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Is the possibility of the return of Jesus as king and friend a source of joy, hope, or anxiety for you?


Study and Discussion Questions

  1. Adventists are a community of believers with the hope of the advent built right into our name. On balance, is that hope been a positive, joyful one or has it been tinged with anxiety?
  2. Favourite 2nd Coming Passages? When you think of the second coming, what key biblical passages come to mind as the really precious ones? Would it be Luke 21:25-31, “raise up your heads for your redemption draws near”? Or John 14:1-3? Or 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18? This topic offers a wonderful opportunity for Adventists to share their hopes and convictions.
  3. What biblical images teach us how to deal with delay and disappointment in our long vigil for the second coming of Christ?
  4. The role of fear: Jesus told of the one-talent man who was afraid of his master and hid his talent. (Matthew 25:25). What is the proper role of fear in the light of 1 John 4:18 that perfect love casts out fear?
  5. Signs and surprises: Matthew 24-25. In this famous passage, Jesus indicates that there will be signs of the end, but that the end will catch us by surprise. How does the Christian live in such a situation?