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There is an interesting progression in the Gospels and in Acts that leads away from Jerusalem and the Jews, to the places like Athens and Rome and the gentiles.  Everyone knows that this progression was problematic to many of those in Israel who were heavily invested in the status quo that did not allow for salvation for non-Jews.  The progression in this matter can be very informative.

1. How do you think the Jews came to be so exclusive?  Do you think it was deliberate, or inadvertent?  How do you think they dealt with the words of John the Baptist when he said, “Now is the axe laid to the root of this tree.”?

2. Perhaps you have noticed how many churches/denominations there are that declare themselves to be the “True Church”.  They can’t all be right.  Do you think there is danger that groups today could fall into the same circumstance as the Jews of long ago.  Why do so many people and organizations feel it so necessary to declare themselves exclusively the true church?