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God’s Whisper…   a devotional thought

In the not-too-distant past, I experienced one of the darkest periods of my life, a most painful and seemingly inescapable state of mental and emotional (and nearly physical) paralysis and hopelessness. It seemed to come out of nowhere and quickly took me with it. I had never experienced anything like it. Oh yes, I had had my lower days, but nothing like this. Not only did it cripple me, but also simultaneously affected those that I dearly love.  After some time, I was diagnosed with ‘clinical depression and anxiety’ and, this being somewhat foreign to us, we had no idea what to do. Many steps were taken to battle the illness, yet it still held strong. I felt somehow unable to approach God, and after some time, I felt I was subconsciously beginning to give up on Him and on myself entirely.

Yet… throughout everything, though I wasn’t always able to recognize it, my husband (boyfriend at the time), my family, my friends were all there – with me through every step. Even when they didn’t know what to do, they never left my side. They did not give up on me. Their support and love gave me the strength and hope I lacked. Even people I didn’t know – had never met – encouraged me. In an airport on the way home one day with my mom, a lovely Baptist couple in the customs queue spoke to us about their missionary travels and repeatedly looked back at me, saying, ‘Jesus loves you.’ Out of nowhere. They had no idea what we were going through. Wow… Even in my numb state, this struck me. And in the hospital, while waiting for some tests in silence, an older gentleman touched me and said, ‘I will be praying for you.’ We hadn’t even spoken! Never had I experienced anything like this.

For me, I cannot explain it in any other way but that God put these people in my life and, little did they know, I needed it. Although this was the hardest and scariest chapter of my life, I would not trade the true change and the enriched relationship with God that I gained from it.

God speaks to us. The same God that spoke to Moses and Noah and all the prophets of old.  We may not audibly hear His voice like they did in the Old Testament, but He has devised all sorts of ways to speak to us. Because He loves us. More than we will ever love ourselves or be loved by anyone here on earth. He never gives up on us. He will not let us go. It brings me such joy to look back and remember how, even when I gave up and let Him go, He wouldn’t have it. When we are weak, He is strong. He listens to our hearts and knows every single need, even when we don’t.

In what ways does God speak to you? Is it through the people He has put in your life? the intricacies of nature in your back garden? the words of a song? The difficult times? The beautiful moments that take your breath away?

Sometimes it’s hard to hear, but God is never silent… I am so thankful!