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(from Good Word Online):?

Memory Text: John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.


  • What of the Bible texts that don’t discourage and even seem to allow or support the use of alcohol?
  • How can we discourage its use without driving it underground or alienating those who are using or addicted to it?
  • How might the Adventist church support and help addicted members or guests?


  • If the more we have sex the more we need to satisfy us (lesson page 233) wouldn’t we be better off not to have sex at all?
  • If professional help to overcome this addiction is sometimes necessary, what of those who have had or now have no access to such help?
  • How can we appropriate God’s forgiveness?
  • Should we confess our sexual misdeeds to others we may have hurt, like other participants, spouses and family members?
  • What can God do to restore, heal and free us from this and other addictions?


  • Does this addiction function differently than other addictions?
  • Is all gambling wrong or only if it becomes addictive?
  • Is buying a raffle ticket for a community fund-raiser the same as gambling?

Love of Money

  • Since it’s our attitude toward money rather than money itself that creates the problem, what attitudes toward money are dangerous?
    • Quest for it consumes us
    • Base security on money rather than on God
    • Source of our identity
    • Become selfish
  • Is it OK to save money for future use rather than give it away now to needy causes and people?
    • many church people used to discourage trust funds for family and endowment funds
    • many church people used to refuse life insurance
      • Believed it showed disbelief in the imminent second coming.
      • They trusted God to take care of their future.

Personal Image

  • Excessive time, money and abuse are certainly a problem, but how far do we carry this?
    • Would not the opposite extreme be bad too: sloppy, dirty, unhealthy and low self-esteem?
  • Are there positive aspects to presenting and preserving a good personal image?
    • good health, pleasure for others, express joy, add beauty to the world, etc.
  • What drives us to seek recognition?
    • How can we as families and friends positively acknowledge others?
    • Might lots of affirmation ward off unhealthy practices like eating disorders and physically harmful practices?


  • What general comments can we make about treatment for addictions?
  • Are there specialized approaches or realities that apply to specific addictions?