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Sabbath School is for all ages – a chance to have some discussion within smaller discussion groups split into ages – Beginners, Kindergarten, Primary/Junior, youth and adults.  All are welcome to join in or to listen.  At the beginning of a new quarter, the book of Romans is at the centre of the adult studies.

Ideally, in our study of the book of Romans, after a study of the historical background, we should begin with Romans 1:1 and then go through the entire book verse by verse. Because only one quarter has been allotted to the study of the book, we have had to be selective in what parts we can study. The book could easily take four quarters, not one, to explore. Hence, only the key chapters, in which the basic message is contained, will be covered.

It is extremely important that a student of the book of Romans understand the book’s historical background. Without that background, it will be difficult for the student to know what Paul is saying. Paul was writing to a specific group of Christians at a specific time for a specific reason; knowing, as much as possible, that reason will greatly benefit us in our study.

We must, in our imagination, go back in time, transport ourselves to Rome, become members of the congregation there, and then, as first-century church members, listen to Paul and the words that the Holy Spirit gave him at that time.

Amazingly enough, though written a long time ago and in a whole other context, the book has messages relevant to His people today, in every land and in most every situation. Hence, we need to heed prayerfully the words written here and apply them to our lives.

This week’s study has the title ‘Paul and Rome’, and the texts we will be looking at will be:

Acts 28:17–31; Rom. 1:7; 15:14, 20–27; Ephesians 1; Phil. 1:12.