Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS


Amount Given, GBP

Kenya Equipment for Meru Hospital (coordinated by Dr Andrew Martin) 500
Kenya Community Services programme following civil unrest after the elections. 1,026
Albania Contribution towards the restoration of a village school at Rovel. 7,000
Romania Balance of funds brought forward from 2008 for the enhancement of a Care Home for the Aged at Chesau (aka the ROPE project) 1,000
Lesotho Continuation of project to assist scores of AIDS orphans (the (CAKE project). Amount transferred during 2009: 8,055
Amount carried forward to 2010 for CAKE: 3,195
TOTAL 20,776

From CAP chairman, John Arthur: On behalf of the CAP committee I would like to thank you most heartily for the way in which you helped in achieving our goals for 2009, when an amazing sum of £ 20,776 was raised. This was almost £ 8,000 in excess of the budget – which is even more commendable considering the impact of the recession.