Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS

Crieff church is hosting a series of 4 seminars by Dr. Gunnar Pedersen, Principal Lecturer in Systematic Theology and Head of Department of Theological Studies at Newbold College.

MP3 files of each talk are posted here.

  • The first seminar is entitled ‘What is the beginning of the story?’ and is on Friday evening at 7:00pm, preceded at 6:30pm with light refreshments.
  • Sabbath morning at 10:00am, seminar 2 is ‘What is the Centre of the Story?’,
  • followed by the Worship service at 11:15 when Dr Pedersen will preach on the topic of ‘Jesus, the lamb of God’.

There will be a bring-and-share lunch, followed by time for a walk, and

  • seminar 3 commences at 4pm ‘What is theĀ  Goal of theĀ  Story?’,
  • seminar 4 at 5:30pm ‘A 7-stage structure for the reading of the Bible’.

All welcome.