Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS

An opportunity to learn about ‘how to’ in a hands-on way.   If you are new to the roles below, or just want to be refreshed, this is the place to be.

Venue ~ Crieff SDA Church, Gwydyr Road, Crieff PH7 4BS

Workshops on:

  • Women’s Ministries with Judith Martin
  • Children’s Sabbath School with  Ann Pilmoor  and Jane Walton ~ The role of the  Sabbath School teacher is such an important one in this age when the Evil One is seeking to control the hearts of our little ones particularly in their early years.  Ann Pilmoor is one of the BUC Education Directors, as well as former Principal of Stanborough Park Primary School, and Jane is a teacher and experienced Sabbath School leader.
  • Prayer Ministries with karin Edwards ~ karin would like to hear how you are all getting on and share many more resources with each Prayer leader.
  • Youth and Pathfinders with Victor Pilmoor ~ Marcel has procured the help of Brother Victor Pilmoor who will present talks on “Building Relationships – Trust, Accountability – In Christ”.  This will be well worth the time at the training day.  Alex will also address web issues for the youth, in the final session.
  • Elders and Deacons leadership with Llewellyn Edwards ~ who would like to share/talk/brainstorm about how our churches are getting on in the mission of being places where the glory of God is seen.
  • keeping the Church Family Safe with Carole Peacock~ there will be one session on instruction for Child Safety Representatives and a second session will be on general principles and policies for any working with children.
  • Evangelism Expo~ A display of ideas and resources for evangelism.

Please bring your own lunch and we will supplement it.