Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS

Dear Friends

It has been a good year for our church family in Scotland.

Yes there have been setbacks, disappointments, illness and also the loss of loved ones but these have happened in the context of the knowledge of the God who works all things together for good and in the knowledge of the hope of the coming of Jesus. Nevertheless the church has grown in so many ways and my heart is greatly encouraged by the stories of faith, love and commitment from around our churches. Let me touch on a few examples.

In Edinburgh the contact and witness amongst the other churches particularly by the choir has been excellent, while in Dunfermline the stories of the warmth of caring fellowship and the decisions for the Lord of so many youth there is heart warming.

Dundee too has seen baptisms and sought to reach out to the community; also their vision for a larger house of worship is inspiring.

Aberdeen church is experiencing a ‘good problem’ with the challenge of the building being too small on many Sabbaths for the attendance – what an exciting challenge to go into the New Year with!

The Inverness group have worked hard all year in seeking to share their faith and we look with anticipation to the Lord to water the seed they have planted.

Crieff church has had its struggles this year but these are met by the growing strength of their community and excellent programmes such as the hosting of the Forgiveness Exhibition.

The loss of the health outreach of Roundelwood is a blow that must be met and redirected toward outreach at the local churches in programmes such as CHIP. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm and human resources that the Lord has placed in our midst for such ventures. I would ask that we all keep in mind those of our members who work at Roundelwood under a different ethos.

Irvine and East Kilbride continue to shine brightly and patiently sow their seeds of witness – through outreach and love for one another.

And what shall I say of Glasgow and their plant in Faifley – bursting at the seams, rousing praise and singing, dedicated and enthusiastic outreach, talented members and now the beginnings of a new vision for the church in the community.

Another indicator of growth is our membership. At the 2006 Mission Session we set a tentative target of a membership of 400 by the end of 2010 – as I write we are only a handful away from passing that mark. It seems the Lord would have us set our faith goals higher.

My thanks go to each of the elders and lay-leaders and individuals without office – who have stepped to the mark serving the Lord and their churches and in doing so have collectively lifted our work marvellously.

May God bless our people in their homes and work and in our church communities – to his honour and praise, and that world might see that we are His disciples because we love one another.

Llewellyn Edwards