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The lesson this week focuses on the links between the mission Jesus gave his disciples (The Great Commission) and the Gospel.  It would be well to read the commission as it is given in the three gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  What differences do you find.  Are any of them significant? The Great Commission of Jesus is very expansive, sending believers to every place, every country, city, town, village, clan and home.  What connection do you see between the command to make disciples and that of baptising?  What is the difference between baptising people and turning them into disciples?  How do you think evangelistic strategies would change if the focus was on making disciples instead of baptising?

It has been noted that the church of the Western world has been fascinated with Jesus’ command to go to all the world.  Some have referred to the western church as the “Go to” church.   We go and do things, provide things, then return home.  Have you ever wondered what effect this might have on those whom we go to do things for?  Might we be perceived as paternalistic rather than being family?