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At the end of 2006 I began a series of expository sermons based on the gospel of Mark. Naively, I thought the project would take about 16 sermons—there are after all only 16 chapters in a book that takes a little over an hour to read. As I am preparing this prayer meeting series we have had 15 sermons and are only up to Mark 4.

There was something else I was wrong about. I did not expect that the Jesus I was about to meet in Mark would differ in any way from the Jesus I already knew. I was very wrong. I have discovered a Jesus more radical than the Jesus I have known.
I, like probably most church people who make up what is known as the church ‘establishment’, have created a scripturally selected Jesus who is safe—meek, mild, and comfortable with our lifestyles, prejudices, social mores, opinions, and priorities. In effect He conforms to me not the other way round.

What have I found in Mark’s gospel? A dangerous Jesus. One who insults respectable clergymen; attends the kind of parties that brand him a gluttonous winebibber; a pal of people that Church boards would discuss as inappropriate companionship; shows no deference for position or wealth; calls monuments to the faith of old, hypocrisy; and slams a number of sacrosanct traditions—to say nothing of His values and His passion for people that makes us look petty and mean. He is so radical that we must either love Him or kill him. He demands no less. And to argue that this Jesus isn’t what Mark presents is to demand that He conform to the Jesus I know.

About a month ago I read Philip Yancy’s book ‘The Jesus I never knew’ and this has conveniently provided a basis for the series.

I invite you to join us on selected Tuesday nights to “meet Jesus” afresh.

Llewellyn Edwards


Tuesday 16th Oct 07: The Jesus I thought I knew.

Tuesday 23rd Oct 07: Birth-the visited planet

Tuesday 30th Oct 07: Background-Jewish roots and soils

Tuesday 6th Nov 07: A break in the series—for prayer

Tuesday 13th Nov 07: A break in the series—the Forgiveness Project

Tuesday 20th Nov 07: No meeting due to the Forgiveness Project exhibition
Tuesday 27th Nov 07: Temptation – Showdown in the Desert
Tuesday 4th Dec 07: A Break in the series—for prayer
Tuesday 11 Dec 07: What would I have noticed
Tuesday 18th Dec 07: Beatitudes – Lucky are the Unlucky
Tuesday 25thDec 07: No meeting