Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS

A weekend to challenge and we hope enlighten ~ Jan Barna, PhD cand., Assistant Lecturer in Systematic and Biblical Theology, Newbold College, will be with us leading several presentations over the weekend.

Friday evening 7:00 – 8:00pm kicks off with the title ‘Adventist Beliefs: An Immaculate Conception? (An overview of developmental stages and influences which shaped the genesis of the Adventist beliefs)’.

Sabbath main service 11:15am-12:30pm is entitled ‘The Legacy of Adventist Tradition: Faith seeking (An ever present) Understanding’. The sermon explores the peculiar relationship between faith and change and suggests that Adventist tradition itself contains an effective key for dealing with the relationship in the form of the present truth concept.

Saturday evening 7:00pm continues with ‘Who had the Final Word in Doctrinal Issues in Early Adventism , the Book or the Books?’ – this will be a presentation on Biblical authority versus Ellen White’s role on the emerging beliefs in early Adventism.

Sunday morning 10:30am finishes with ‘So, what do Adventists teach about Salvation, Grace or the Law?’ ~ Uncovering the tension between the 1888 Righteousness by Faith and the 1930’s Perfect Last Generation.

There will be a buffet lunch following the Sunday session, to nourish the body after all the spiritual and mental food for thought.

Bibliographical Information ~ Jan has worked as a pastor for several years in Slovakia, his native country. In addition to his pastoral experience he holds a degree in leadership from Andrews University. He is presently a PhD candidate at Trinity College Bristol, where he is working on a doctorate in systematic theology. He’s been teaching modules in Systematic, Historical and Biblical theology for Newbold College since 2002. Jan is married to Ivana, who works as a medical doctor.

(Update Mar 2014: Dr Jan Barna presented the 2014 Crieff Study Weekend “Is the Bible a Sure Word of God“.)