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The ROPE project will help to answer the needs of the elderly and sick in the village of Chesau, Romania, who are not able to take care of themselves. These people often have no family to care for them, have very little pension or no pension at all. Instead of living in farm barns or on the streets, they will be provided with a comfortable home with all their needs cared for. This home is run by the Horvath family.


CAP sent out a total of GBP6000 in 2006, in two instalments. This money has been used by the Horvaths to assist in the running of the home as follows:



1 Nurses salary for one year GBP 2,400
2 Stainless steel sink x 2 GBP 423
Stainless steel table GBP 223
Refrigerators x 2 GBP 350
Kitchen units – part payment GBP 604
3 Car – partial payment GBP 2,000
  1. Kati (pronounced ‘Cottie’) Tarr, a local nurse, has been employed full time in the home. We will be paying her salary for the duration of the CAP funding (currently 3 years starting in 2006).
  2. In order to meet EU rules (Romania became part of the EU on 1 January 2007) the home had to equip their kitchen to meet EU standards. This was a legal requirement and had to be completed by the end of October 2006.
  3. The Horvath family were running two old Ladas, each over twenty years old. They are now in possession of a much more modern second-hand Daewoo Leganza.

Kati Tarr - nurseKati at work in the home.