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MP3s and a PowerPoint from Prof John Walton’s lecture, ‘Why Doesn’t God Stay Dead?’, held at Crieff Adventist Church on 4th June 2008.

  1. Lecture, 57 mins, MP3 audio recording in two forms
  2. PowerPoint that accompanied the lecture, contains all book and article references (8MB)

Book List (see this post for an expanded list…)

MP3s from Jan Barna’s weekend study conference, ‘The History of Adventist Beliefs: A Continuous Search for Identity’, held at Crieff Adventist Church on 21-23 September 2007.

  1. Adventist Beliefs: An Immaculate Conception? An overview of developmental stages and influences which shaped the genesis of the Adventist beliefs (13MB)
  2. The Legacy of Adventist Tradition: Faith seeking (An ever present) understanding (10MB)
  3. Who had the Final Word in Doctrinal Issues in Early Adventism, the Book or the Books? (11MB)
  4. So, what do Adventists teach about Salvation, Grace or the Law? (12MB)

MP3s from the 3 Missions study conference held at Crieff Adventist Church on 12/13 February 2007. Jean-Claude Verrecchia is the Principal Lecturer in New Testament Studies at Newbold College. (Files uploaded 20th Feb 07)

  1. The OT cult under deconstruction (24MB)
  2. Worship place under deconstruction (19MB)
  3. God Himself declared the first covenant ‘old’ (16MB)
  4. Regulations for the body only 20MB)
  5. A new ritual (21MB)
  6. Let us approach… (8MB)

MP3s from the weekend study conference held at Crieff Adventist Church on 1-3 September 2006. Files are 32kbps encoded and aren’t the highest quality but they are reasonably sized. So we have…

  1. Friday night session (14MB)
  2. Sabbath School (11MB)
  3. Sabbath Sermon (14MB)
  4. Sabbath night session (16MB)
  5. Sunday morning session (17MB)

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