Gwydyr Rd, Crieff, UK, PH7 4BS

An evening of appreciation of The Man in Black.

Johnny Cash is considered a pioneer of “outlaw music,” yet even his secular compositions beat with moral and religious heart. Cash’s childhood was stamped by country music and his mother’s devotion to the Pentecostal Church of God. When Cash was 12, several months after he accepted Christ, his older brother Jack–a preacher–was killed in a farming accident. Thirty-five years later, Cash’s instantly recognizable stage costume was not the sequin-spangled eye-poppers of his Grand Ole Opry colleagues, but the black frock coat of a 1920s circuit rider or undertaker.

After he quit using drugs in the early 1970s, Cash rediscovered his early Christian faith, taking an “altar call” in Evangel Temple, a small church in the Nashville area. Cash chose this church over many other larger, celebrity churches in the Nashville area because he said he was just another man there, and not a celebrity.
There are quite a few fans of his music in our church and tonight’s programme will be led by Robin Spearing.